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Alexander Goldstein's career unusually combines three seemingly different areas of creativity. He is a notable film composer to some, an award-winning documentary filmmaker to others and the world's utmost authority in music used as part of competitive sports.

Born in Moscow, USSR and having never considered anything other than a career in music, he moved to the United States, where he became involved in television production and broadcasting, and then branched out into cinematography.

At the same time, for over three decades, the world has heard Alexander's creations in music for figure skating, gymnastics and in other sports using music in their competition. Never keeping idle, Alexander continues to pursue both music and film as two equally important passions in his life.

Alexander has received five prestigious TELLY Awards for his directing, filming and editing of films like Naples Florida, Redefining Paradise, Naples Oral Histories: If These Walls Could Only Talk and We Testify: Testimony to Truth, a recipient of the coveted rare Silver TELLY.

Alexander recently composed a Suite for Clarinet and String Orchestra, Rotissimo, after film music of the immortal Italian film composer Nino Rota. World premiere of Rotissimo was October 2011 in Toronto by the Canadian Sinfonietta. Alexander's newest composition In The Jewish Mood premiered in Naples, FL for Jewish Historical Society's Inaugural.

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